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Women's FitCamp


Women's FitCamp is the only program designed to help the busy woman tone up and slim down. This is not just a group exercise program!

Women's FitCamp has evolved! It is a perfectly designed program to help the modern woman through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. 

The workouts are guaranteed to help you get tone, the nutritional coaching is individualized and easy to follow, the lifestyle coaching is habit-based and will help keep you motivated.

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1271 Pleasant Grove Blvd Ste #120, Roseville, California

(916) 542-2002

Women's FitCamp

Owner and Coach,

Danielle Avila

Women's FitCamp

(916) 542-2002

Offering Classes:

Mon: 5:30am/9am  Wed: 5:30am/9am  Fri: 5:30am/9am

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