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Sleep It Off

It's so quiet and dark and peaceful, then BOOM. My phone breaks through the silent bliss with that maddening alarm ringtone and I have to fight every instinct to NOT hit the snooze. It's a serious victory for me every morning when I slide across the dismiss button.

You know that ringtone? Just about everyone has the same one and I've learned to hate it. It dragged me out of my much needed rest every morning and if you're anything like me, your sleep is desperately needed and in scarce supply. Exhaustion was winning.

It was time for me to tackle this trouble and get my BUSY life back with energy and drive. And you know what? I figured it out! I started a routine two weeks ago and in just 5 days, I feel like a new woman :) My energy keeps me going all day and even my husband has noticed that I'm nicer to be around. So, I'm gonna do you a solid and share the three things I changed to my routine that have for real changed my life.

I'm gonna start off with the most difficult thing.... I gave myself a bedtime and I am a diehard about it. Call me a toddler if you want, but this actually works. 9pm people. That's what I calculated to get in enough sleepy time for my 4:30am wake up call. I had to recruit my husband on this one. If I'm not done helping get the kids to sleep by then, he takes over. I can guarantee that 75% of the time I'm asleep before my kids, but I can also guarantee that I'm a way better mom during the day :) 9pm bedtime, means lights out, eyes shut and attempting sleep.

Next, I cut out all eating after dinner. This one is a little easier considering I'm in bed by 9. I found that eating is just a distraction to keep me from getting to bed on time, it helps me to keep a routine and it's good for my waistline. Is this something that is just so impossible for you? Then have a cup of decaf tea, with lemon and maybe half a splenda if you NEED the sweet. A mild, herbal tea can help trigger your sleepy time routine. The lemon is a great detox through the night and a natural diuretic.

The last thing I implemented in my bedtime routine was cutting out the electronics entirely. Sorry guys! It really did help me slow my brain down every night. I fall asleep faster without checking Insta or catching up on my overflowing DVR. I turned everything off at 9pm and focused on my ZZZ's. Even the light of my phone's notifications are distracting, so I turn it upside down on my nightstand.

I know this is a legit problem with people and that I'm not alone in this struggle, but these three things helped me get my game back during my sunshine hours. My brain literally thinks better, I'm nicer to everyone around me and I actually feel good. I dare you to get a routine going and see for yourself how you feel. You'll notice these results in less than a week. After you've committed just one week to this, come back and comment on this post to give me your full report on how it worked :)

Can't wait to hear how it worked for YOU,


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