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I'm just gonna say it.

I have a bad attitude today. In fact, I’m making myself write this blog to help myself, get over myself :) You ever had one of these kind of days? I just keep thinking about how I don’t want to go workout. I usually like leg day, but today, the gym is the LAST place I want to go to. I even got to sleep in for a couple hours past my usual 4am wake up routine. So, I should be feeling even more motivated, right?! Nope, don’t wanna workout. 

The “never skip leg day” memes keep scrolling through my mind. How can I get out of this? Maybe, I just have too much to do today to make it to the gym. I mean, I’m a busy woman, wife and mom. If i skip, I’m not going to be just sitting on the couch!  

As I sit here and write out all these excuses, the back part of my brain reminds me that I made a promise to myself. I have a goal that I set and working out is necessary to achieve it. 

That's it.  I’m going to share my secrets of how I stay motivated to keep going (and remind myself why I keep going at the same time…) 

Set an actual goal. Write your goal down, tell people about it. Share it with friends that you know will support you. Remind yourself daily about your goal and how the work you’re putting in is to reach your goal. This will give everything you do PURPOSE.

  • Build a tribe around you to help you see it through. Especially on the hard days your support system will expect you to keep it up, even when you don’t want to. I have my husband and a friend as my daily team that won’t let me back down. In fact, both of them told me today that I’m not allowed to skip my workout. They won’t accept my bad attitude.

Remind yourself WHY you’re doing this. I’m working out not just to hit my goal. I’m working out to be healthy. To look good, to feel attractive. To feel confidence in everything I do. To feel comfortable in my skin. To live longer. To be an example to family and friends. To be a better coach. To be a successful, well rounded woman. To show others it can be done. To help empower others through my journey.

Just stop making excuses and DO IT.

You just read my mind. Like, literally, you just read my mind’s process of how I’m making myself do something that I need to do, even though I don’t want to. 

Thanks for helping keep me accountable :) Shoot me a message or comment below and I’ll do the same for you. Off to leg day. Stay strong, stick it through and stay committed to yourself. You’re worth it. Until later friends, Danielle   

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